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Tinkerbell-Fairy of Credit, is a partner of the main banks specializing in credit redemption. Company “Gandalf”, specializing in credit pooling and subject to the control of the Authority. Tinkerbell analyzes for free and without obligation all the requests, even the most difficult ones, simulates free and without commitment your restructuring of credits, proposes operations of refinancing in complete independence of the partner banks.

It is also the purchase of credit in urgency, the repurchase of credit at the cheapest rate, the repurchase of credit with a view to a future fall of income (retirement, …), the financing of customized works or projects, these projects being included in the redemption of your credits so as not to increase your debt.

A broker is a reliable partner

The credit consolidation is an operation that consents to deal with a situation of excessive debt or over-indebtedness. Without a mortgage and with a single loan: globalize all your consumer loans in a single personal loan from 12 to 180 months depending on your choice. Military allowances taken into account for my seals for a redemption?

Can I refund my credit in advance? When can I do it? Are there prepayment penalties? 000 euros for a tenant and 150. Redemption of real estate credit + works: an effective denouement! Will my manager managing my checking account be informed about the credit redemption? Understanding the often complex presentation of the terms and conditions of the repurchase agreement, particularly regarding fixed rates and variable rates in a credit buyback operation is the role of the intermediary.

The loan buyback can take into account this situation, by offering a single loan for a period of up to 12 years and for an amount of € 100,000 that will come with no additional guarantee to balance the cash. Feel free to make a simulation to assess your debt before and after a redemption of credits with credits work at the best rate. Who can we turn to renegotiate its loans at the best rate?

Broker repurchase credit ficp

000 euros for an owner). The inescapable intermediaries on this market are the non-exclusive bank brokers, to choose in all impartiality which bank or which organization will make you the best proposal for renegotiation of credits. These specialized banks rely on a network of mandated partners subject to the control of the French Prudential Supervisory and Resolution Authority (ACPR). Here is an interesting financial campaign for a loan work with a buyback credit for starting point.

Redeem credit mutual credit, lose the debt.

Why not take advantage of the advantages of the tenant credit redemption to pay a car with a very attractive fixed rate? Each profile looking for a credit redemption consequence has a special need, but there are many restructuring products on the market. The last installment of a mortgage purchase must occur before age 90.

What are the average times to realize your credit buyback? Which banks or agents buy back the loans in France? Grouping of credits: avoid a plan with the commission of overindebtedness, increase the purchasing power, lower the rate of indebtedness, find a serenity and arrange your relations with your banker, finance desires or works. A 15-year, mortgage-free buy-back is an interesting solution: long enough to soften the pace of repayments, sufficiently time-bound to reduce the final cost and not trigger a mortgage.

A single fixed rate monthly payment: you only have one monthly payment that has been reduced considerably by extending the depreciation period. Loan repurchase provides to convert existing loans by replacing them most often with a single loan, without changing bank whose interest rate is much lower. Credit buyout brokerage with all banking partnerships is based on a high-end service that provides some engineering in a climate of trust between lender and borrower. Although the primary objective of credit redemption is to reduce the level of indebtedness and the overall amount of monthly payments of its credits and charges, it has other advantages, among others those of allowing various financing (works, studies , investment …). Despite loan rates, to redeem credits, attractive for several months, pay attention to the debt after!

Do we have to consolidate all of our debts into a credit buyback transaction?

Purchasing a new car is often a better rate. What are the credits and various expenses that can be collected? Objectives of a consumer credit rally? The redemption of credits is not reserved only for people with a debt problem.

Company credit redemption being short, will your file pass the test successfully?

Consumer repurchase rates are fixed and higher than the redemption rates of floating rate loans. The total amount of expenses and income is used to determine the debt before and after restructuring the household. The very purpose of the loan buyback is to change a sequence of rejects and unpaid loans. With levy releases can I have my loans restructured?

Can one subscribe a delegation of insurance for its repurchase of credit or must one take the insurance group? The inevitable agents in this market are the non-exclusive bank brokers, to choose in all neutrality which bank or institution will make you the best proposal for renegotiation of credits.