Renegotiate transfer of the fifth online immediately: how does it work?


Is it possible to renegotiate the sale of the fifth online in Italy ? How does it work ? Let’s see how to immediately request a quote for this type of loan by comparing the different offers of professionals with a useful tool: Gandalf.

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Gandalf is a useful service born in 2008 from the French insurance group Malfoy, to allow its customers to compare various loan offers offered by professionals in the place of interest to give you the opportunity to get the best rates and conditions on the market. You can get a quote for any of your needs, whether liquidity, insurance, mortgages or consolidations.

Renegotiate sale of the fifth online in Italy: is it possible?

The sale of the fifth is one of the preferable and safest types of loans because it gives you the certainty that the monthly payment to be paid never exceeds 1/5 of your salary. It may happen, however, to find cheaper solutions, a lower cost of borrowing or other more advantageous conditions, which is why you may want to renegotiate the sale of the fifth . On the site of Gandalf there is no reference to this type of special operation, however you can ask for an estimate online and get additional information when Gandalf operator will contact you and assure you the best route to follow.

Sale of the fifth quote immediately: how does it work?

Gandalf, as the name suggests, is a service that allows you to compare various proposals for loans, insurance, assignment of the fifth and more, offered by professionals in your vicinity. How does it work? Getting a quote is very simple, once you choose the product you like and enter your information, you will be immediately contacted by an operator who will inform you about the 5 best solutions for you, of interest rates and installments.

For example, to request a quote for a transfer of the fifth , you must select your employment (state employee, private, retired, etc), the amount, the duration of the loan, your monthly salary plus any bonuses and your personal data. The minimum amount you can request is € 1,000, while the maximum amount is € 60,000, the minimum duration is 12 months and the maximum is 120 months. The operator who will contact you, once you submit the request for a quote, will inform you about the best proposals in your vicinity comparing the various rates and conditions, not taking into consideration the institutions that apply APR greater than 8.20%. Remember, moreover, that in order to request the assignment of the fifth you must be a temporary employee, and the insurance policy is mandatory.

Today we saw how it works to request a quote immediately for a transfer of the fifth: Gandalf allows you to compare up to 5 professional solutions in Italy in your vicinity to find the best conditions and the most convenient rates. You can also request more information to renegotiate your mortgage online, thus ensuring lower TANs and APRs. The reviews I found on the web are very positive, but if you’ve already used this tool, share your opinions by writing in the comments to let them know what you think.

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